New Site, New Goals

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Some of you might remember the original site that occupied this URL.  It was a sort-of outlet for me to venture outside of my work at Scream And Fly and apply those skills to other areas of interest.  I received many emails about the bike tests I’ve posted to that site, and I thought I may as well continue doing it.  But that required me to expand the site, as the original was a very simple and outdated design.

This current site will pick up where the other left off.  Unfortunately my work schedule is extremely busy and hectic at times, and so working on this site has to become a secondary priority for now.  Nevertheless, it is nearly complete, with some tweaks left to do.

This is a screenshot of the original site that lived at this web address. It was a very simple layout, and although I liked it, it lacked many current and necessary features, such as social media integration.

This site will not only be about bike tests, rather, I will be adding a lot more tech-related content covering several areas – much of it driven by feedback from you.  But don’t get me wrong; there will be a lot of bike tests with the kinds of photos and editorial work you have previously seen in prior articles with the only change being the addition of video as well.